CSR Episode 98 (NFL,NCAA,MLB and NBA Season Begins)

Brandon and Jonathan recap the week in sports including a FULL slate of NFL Week 7 chat, College Football recap, the World Series preview between Nationals and Astros with Tyler Fenwick of the Indianapolis Recorder, and an NBA season preview and Pacers talk!!

CSR Episode 93 (NFL talk, Chat with Indianapolis Recorder staff writer Tyler Fenwick talking MLB races and Big Ten football talk!)

Brandon and Jonathan recap the NFL and college football week, discuss MLB season ending and postseason thoughts and an exclusive interview with Tyler Fenwick of the Indianapolis Recorder talking MLB playoff races and NL Central battle as the final weeks of the season conclude. 30:00-60:00. We take your calls and more!! Follow us on Twitter: @Brandonreef @3foolishmen @Crossrdssports

Crossroads Sports 2018-19 Big Ten Preview

Crossroads Sports 2018-2019 Big Ten Preview By Nick Peterson With another college basketball season upon us, I thought I would fulfill a long standing promise to produce a well thought out, and insanely predictive Big Ten Preview for this fine sports medium that is CrossRoads Sports.  For the past several seasons I have maintained a spreadsheet consisting of each school’s roster, a conference ranking by position, as well as a system to statistically compare each team’s overall standing.  I will share the process in which I try to objectively evaluate each school’s roster and how the system works before I dive into a little bit of analysis on each team.  Right or wrong, at least there is some statistic validity to the