CSR Episode 84 NBA Talk, Interview with Artist/Producer Dumi Right)

Brandon and Jonathan recap the week in sports including the aftermath of the Kawhi decision and the Paul George trade, now Westbrook likely being traded.  The guys have an exclusive interview with artist and producer Dumi Right and talk his new album "Doing It the Right Way" and soccer and his beloved Lakers!   The guys talk more hoops with Justin Powell and finish with some college football takes and WWE/AEW talk! Twitter: @Brandonreef @3Foolishmen @CrossRdsSports Please Like, Subscribe and Share!   Thanks for following and listening!!

CSR Special NBA “The Landscape Has Changed” Kawhi & PG to LALA Land & more!

Crossroads Sports fans, Brandon and Jonathan bring you another special 35-minute episode which was aired on Facebook LIVE as they discuss the "Landscape Change in the NBA" with Kawhi deciding on going to the Clippers and having Paul George join him in a trade!  The guys discuss the move and the next step for Russell Westbrook and OKC.  The guys talk signees by the Lakers in response and how competitive the NBA will be this season! Thanks for listening!!

Crossroads Sports Radio NBA Free Agency Special

Crossroads Sports Brandon Reef and Jonathan Birdsong recap the first 3 hours of NBA Free Agency and talk Pacers moves and why it makes them better!! Join us on Friday July 5th for our next Crossroads Sports Radio show! Twitter: @Brandonreef @3foolishmen @Crossrdssports

Pacers add Malcolm Brogdan and Jeremy Lamb as Free Agency opens

The Indiana Pacers were active in the opening minutes of the NBA Free Agency period.  Soon after 6PM (Eastern Time), the Utah Jazz went "all in" on Bojan Bogdanovic and signed him to a 4-year $72M deal.  Thaddeus Young was the next former Pacer to find a new home to Chicago for a 3-year deal. The Pacers grabbed Malcolm Brogdan from the Bucks in a trade for a 1st round pick and 2 second round picks.  Brogdan signed a 4 year $85M deal with Indiana then as announced by Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN).  Brogdan averaged 15.6 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 3.2 APG last season. Brogdan has been hampered by injuries the past two season, but the Pacers have a great training staff

Crossroads Sports Radio 6.11

Today's show, Brandon and NBA guru Jonathan Birdsong recap the 2018 NBA Finals and the Warriors dynasty.  The two preview the NBA Draft and the Pacers off-season plans and free agency throughout the league! Be sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter @3foolishmen and Brandon at @brandonreef and @Crossrdssports

Early Recap of NBA Free Agency

  NBA Free Agency has started and is all sorts of craziness.  Money is being thrown out to anyone and everyone.  Below is some of the highlights of the first couple days in free agency and my take of each signing. Nicolas Batum (Hornets) 5 yrs $120 million -  Oh Boy, Charlotte way overpaid for a average NBA player.  That is the type of money to pay someone who draws fans to the arena and sells seats.  Batum is not that person. Hassan Whiteside (Heat) 4 yrs $90 million - Good to see Miami keep Whiteside.  Much needed if things fall apart with D Wade. Joakim Noah (Knicks) 4 yrs $70 million - There's James Dolan for ya, overpaying for a guy who only