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— Our Mission —

To bring Indiana’s sports, to Indiana’s people.


We know that Hoosiers are passionate about their favorite teams, and we are too. Crossroads Sports became tired of hearing from the same outlets that cover Indiana sports, so we decided to do something about it. Our goal is to provide you with quality sports coverage that brings you a fresh outlook. We won’t be afraid to be bold and provide opinions that most may not be willing to write about. Not only do we want you to hear from us, but we want to hear from you too. We welcome all opinions, perspectives and conversations on any and all topics. We are glad you stopped by our website, and we hope you will become a part of our community.



Brandon Reef

Brandon is a Co-Founder of Crossroads Sports, founded in March of 2017. Brandon started the blog Reef’s Take in April of 2016 and within the year, transitioned Reef’s Take into Crossroads Sports. Brandon is a 2008 graduate of Ball State University and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Brandon loves playing Daily Fantasy Sports and weekly sports betting. Brandon enjoys NASCAR and Indycar Racing. 

Favorite teams: Indiana Pacers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Purdue Boilermakers, Duke Blue Devils, Chicago Blackhawks, and Cincinnati Reds.

Twitter: @brandonreef


Cory Weicht

Cory is a Co-Founder of Crossroads Sports. He is a native Hoosier and better golfer than most of his friends. Cory graduated from Ball State University in 2008, #ChirpChirp. Bourbon is the drink of choice over your weak IPA. His day job includes law firm marketing, spending time with his wife, Shelby, and running around with their Great Dane, Harley Quinn.

Favorite teams: Dallas Cowboys, Indiana Hoosiers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Indiana Pacers

Twitter: @CoryWeicht


Aaron Charles

Producer Aaron is also a Co-Founder of Crossroads Sports. A former College Athlete with a strong IT background, he was a great fit for the Crossroads team.  During the day, he is either found developing websites or shooting aerial footage as a certified drone pilot.  Possibly the worst golfer of the group, but definitely the most entertaining to watch, probably because he can drink more vodka than you.

Favorite teams: Indianapolis Colts, Purdue Boilermakers, Indiana Hoosiers

Twitter: @CrossroadsAaron



Chris Burchard

Chris is a die hard Cleveland born sports fan who has lived in Indy pretty much his whole life. Purdue University graduate. Career in the auto-industry, not your average scumbag car salesman. You can find him at a Pacers or Colts game when not watching Cleveland sports on TV. Sun King Osiris aficionado. Best golfer out of all my friends, yes that includes you Cory.

Favorite teams: Cleveland Browns/Indians/Cavs, Purdue Boilermakers, Indiana Pacers, Tiger Woods

Twitter: @crossroadsburch



Jonathan Birdsong

Jonathan joined Crossroads Sports in Spring 2018 as Crossroads Sports Podcast/Radio Co-Host with Brandon Reef.  Jonathan is a graduate of Ball State University in 1997.  Jonathan is a “NBA guru” and a self-proclaimed, “Hustler of Culture”.  Jonathan has a rich knowledge of music and movies that will go toe-to-toe with anyone! 

Favorite teams: Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, Duke University, Indiana University and 80’s Boston Celtics! 

Twitter: @3foolishmen                                                    



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