Change of course!  Two weeks after a contract extension with the Pacers, Nate McMillan was relieved of his duties Wednesday morning the Pacers announced.  It was first reported by Sham Charania of Stadium.

My Take: From a distance…this looks bad…just weeks after extending Nate, but get swept by Miami and being 3-16 overall in 4 years in the playoffs had to be the outlier.   I liked what Nate did but he was exposed in the playoffs the past couple years of bad play-calling and getting the team ready to compete. I was tired of hearing game after game from Nate about how “We didn’t adjust”.  “We didn’t come out and compete”.  That’s YOUR JOB COACH to get the players ready and adjust whether they are high school kids or professionals.   I am ready for a change in the Pacers organization and will be interesting to see who the new coach will be.   Some early names surrounded are Mike D’Antoni and Mark Jackson.  



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