With the lingering issues, the NBA has with players opting in or opting out of resuming the NBA season, the Pacers have another dilemma at their doorsteps.

Contract negotiation issues with star guard Victor Oladipo have came to a stand still after the Pacers offered Dipo 4-yrs $80M to re-sign with the Pacers.  Oladipo said No and is likely looking for a “max offer” that he feels he is worth.  The Pacers on the other hand see it as a player coming back off of a serious knee injury and with only playing 14 games before the stoppage, Vic did not look like his old self.  Dipo came out yesterday to Shams from “The Athletic” and said that he is NOT going to particpate when league starts back up due to conditioning and injury concerns.  That’s fine, every player has a right with this virus going on to make the best decision possible for them.

Vic saying that he wants to make sure he’s healthy and top of his game for 20-21 season just says he’s ready for a BIG max payday from some team after next season and the Pacers will be left holding serve with Domantis and Myles as their focal points.

In the past, I have been right on ALOT of predictions whether it be on our Radio Show, on Facebook on the Crossroadssports website….(like the screenshot below when I said the Pacers should trade Paul George before losing him 2 YEARS before it happened)











Also, I had the LeBron to Miami Heat, Lebron back to Cleveland, and LeBron to Lakers all right as well.  I should likely play the lottery more yes…but for now I’ll stick to sports betting and predicting landing spots for players.

Anyways, Vic has one year left on his deal with Indy and is looking to strike it big.  The Heat already said they are going after Giannis and Oladipo in the summer of 2021. Seeing as how next season is the last year of Oladipo’s deal, if the Pacers aren’t planning on extending him this summer they almost have to trade him right? But that’s where it gets tricky. Who is going to trade for Oladipo while he’s still a huge unknown? That’s why the Orlando bubble would have been interesting. If he played well out maybe the Pacers offer him a better extension without hesitation.  Now they have to make a decision with more of an unknown. Who is to say if they allow Oladipo to get to UFA that he even entertains their offer? If they wait to trade him by the deadline next season their leverage goes out the window and he’s a huge asset for them. Pacers have to do what they can for a good return on investment much like they did initially with Paul George trade.

Pat Riley has one or two bullets left in his chamber before he calls it a career and don’t think he is going to go down quietly.  The Heat have assembled the pieces to start competing for a championship again with Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Goran Dragic, Tyler Herro, Iggy.  Miami has already said they are going to go after Giannis and Vic next FA period after 20-21 which should scare Pacers fans and bring back memories of PG and Lakers/Clippers talk.  

Pacers need to get as much value for Dipo as they can next season and get an answer from him if he wants to stay in Indy and sign or trade you for future pieces again. Listen, I want Dipo to stay and sign long term with the team, but we also have to face reality….Miami is more desirable, Miami is more marketable, Miami is more championship ready and $$$$$$ to spend to get it.  Miami went DEEP into the luxury tax to get Lebron and Bosh to team with Wade, while the Pacers have only gone into the luxury tax one time since 2000.  Simon doesn’t want to spend the money on what it takes to win a championship….plain and simple.

Once again..I hope he decides to stay…but Pacers fans….start preparing now for the inevitable so it doesn’t hurt so much next summer.  I hope I’m wrong but the track record speaks for itself! 

Now try and enjoy your 4th of July and remember this next summer! 








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