Today March 12th, 2020 will be remembered as the day the sports world came to a screeching halt.  With the deadly CoronaVirus popping up across the United States and into the sports world, the four major leagues (NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL) decided to end all games and activities.  In college basketball, the big conferences started canceling their conference tournaments late in the morning and this afternoon around 4:30 pm, the NCAA announced that they were canceling the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournament.  No March Madness. No electricity.  The sports world has officially come to a halt.

The NBA said late Thursday night that they would at least take a 30-day hiatus and then meet.  The NBA could go into July this year which would give the sports fans something to watch and enjoy during the normally quiet summer months.

The IHSAA decided today to continue the Boys Basketball State Tournament this weekend and limit the number of people in the gyms which I didn’t see coming with everything else canceling.

MY OPINION: While it was a hard decision to cancel the conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament, it was the right thing for the NCAA to do.  Yes there are millions and millions of dollars and advertisements in the NCAA Tourney, but the NCAA decided correctly on canceling the games. I would have liked them to move it to maybe May, but that would push a lot of other deadlines back and also there is no guarantee that we will be back to normalcy by then.  Not only did the NCAA cancel the NCAA Tournaments, but they cancel all spring sports including (baseball, softball, track, golf) which those season were just getting started and now wiped out.  The NBA stopping the games Wednesday night was smart after Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell both tested positive for the CoronaVirus. Adam Silver and the NBA have a great plan and I do believe they did what was best for the teams, players, and fans.  Let’s start the slow process of recovery and work towards ending this virus and getting back to normalcy.

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