Below is our Bracket Update 3.0 this year.  Rutgers and Purdue essentially flip from the previous rendition.  They are the biggest riser and dropper respectively.

Coach K vs. Woj in the 2nd round?
Hoosiers against Sampson in the 1st? Haha
And of course, a new team emerges among the top line!! Let’s Go Dawgs!!!!!!
Their resume holds up to any other in the country.  The more I thought about it, losing by 1 on Baylor’s home floor is like winning by 2 on a neutral court if you subscribe to the 3 points for home-courtadvantage.  In college basketball, you could argue it might even be closer to 4 or 5.  Either way, if they replay on a neutral site, I like Butler’s odds.  I didn’t like having 2 Big 12 teams on the top line either, but make no mistake Butler has earned a spot with the big dogs.
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