Just ahead of the NBA season and before the deadline for players in their rookie contract, the Pacers and forward Domantis Sabonis have agreed on a 4-yr $74M deal.  Over the weekend there were reports of trade rumors that the Pacers were actively shopping Sabonis after “seeing the experiment not working”.  Obviously, the Pacers like what they see and keep Sabonis in Pacers uniform. Sabonis will play this season on his rookie contract before the big number hits next season.  Sabonis’s contract is similar to the one that center Myles Turner signed this time last season of 4-yr $72M.  With incentives, Sabonis could earn up to $85M in this contract.

My Take: I do like the move of locking in Sabonis.  The young talent of Sabonis continues to grow and it will be interesting to see how he plays alongside Turner this season.  The Pacers likely wouldn’t be able to trade him this season after the contract has been signed, but the contract isn’t a bad one if they want to send to another team after next year or two.  I’m glad to keep him in a Pacers uniform for seasons to come as long as he can continue to grow and improve his scoring and physicality. 

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