In today’s update, the top 2 lines did not change, despite 3 of Monday’s 2-seeds going down this week.  Those top 8 teams had distanced themselves from the rest of the pack, and thus one loss doesn’t warrant a drop for those elite-level teams.  Not to mention, UNC’s loss was against a pissed-off elite Virginia team coming off their loss to Duke, Michigan’s coach didn’t even coach them for the 2nd half after getting ejected just before halftime, and Kentucky got hosed (which was awesome to see in front of that home crowd – loved it!!)

Two of the first four out are located in our home state.  It will be interesting to see how both the Hoosiers and Bulldogs can finish out the season.  I had written both of these teams off a couple weeks ago, but the fact that no one on the bubble is winning means there are still opportunities out there for spots in the field.
Despite calling them over-rated a couple weeks ago, LSU has impressed recently.  A little help from some poor officiating in Lexington, but hey I’ll take it!  LSU has moved up to the 4-line on the wings of that victory, and look poised to stay there with a manageable schedule down the stretch.
And the one thing I thought there was no way I’d ever say 3 months ago… The Boilermakers will win the regular season Big Ten title outright.  The Michigan schools still have to play each other TWICE in the next couple weeks, and Purdue’s schedule is surprisingly easy down the stretch of a powerful Big Ten.  As long as one of the Michigan teams doesn’t sweep the other (I’m predicting a split), the Boilers path to a title opens wide.  Let’s see if they can take advantage of the opportunity.
Less than two weeks until March, things are heating up!
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