Maybe its nothing…….OR maybe its something.  Today during Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reichs press conference, Reich entered the press room wearing a blue and white t-shirt with the lettering “Got Juice?” on it.  To some people this just may be weird saying or maybe talking about orange juice!?









To those in the know like myself about football and nicknames,  “Juice” is the nickname of Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell who has been linked to the Indianapolis Colts the past several months.  Bell has been seen in the past “liking” the Instagram posts that the NFL post about the Colts.   The Colts are in desperate need of a running back and Le’Veon would be a good fit in Indianapolis to give Luck a hand in the backfield and passing game. Bell is set to return to the Steelers in Week 7 during their bye week and the Steelers have started to field trade offers for Bell ahead of the Week 8 trade deadline.








Steelers Le'Veon Bell goes by a new nickname


This could be something………or it could be nothing.  You decide!

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