It’s put up or shut up for Myles Turner this season

Pictures are one thing, but Pacers Center Myles Turner needs to prove this upcoming Pacers season that he is a force to reckon with in the NBA.  Myles has been posting several photos on Instagram these past couple weeks about his workouts and how his body is looking.  That’s great……but a skinny, muscular body who backs away and puts up a fadeaway jumper with JR Smith on him is not what the Pacers need this upcoming season.  Myles needs to put on weight and push those bigger bodies around in the paint.  He was seen multiple times this past season getting pushed around by the like of Tristan Thompson, Dwight Howard, Boogie Cousins, Al Horford, and Steven Adams and more. Myles is entering the last year of his contract this season making $3.4M with a qualifying offer on the books for next season.  It is likely the Pacers will offer Turner a max contract in the 2019 off-season if he can improve and be a double-double machine.  It was rumored that the New York Knicks will likely also go after the Pacers big man next off-season.

Yes, Myles has a finesse game that includes three-pointers, (which may be too many for Pacers fans liking) and explosive dunks, but inside the paint when the Pacers needed a go-to basket with Bogy or Dipo were not hitting, Myles was not there.

Overall, Turner’s 3rd NBA season was inconsistent. His points per game dipped from 14.5 to 12.7. His rebound numbers dropped to 6.4 after averaging 7.3 the year prior.

People clamoring for Turner to become more of an assertive player in the paint—and take advantage of a 6-11, 243-pound frame—are growing louder and louder.

Yes, it’s great to see Myles staying in shape and making himself leaner, but he also needs to show Pacers fans and the organization that he deserves a max contract and can be the big man for the Pacers for several years.  Yes, I know he is only 22 years old, but time is cutting thin with the organization and Pacers fans on Turner’s gameplay.  He was also seen several times this season the bench in the final minutes.  Now you can put the blame on McMillan too if you wanted, but it should show when Turner is on the bench in those crucial minutes.

Per 1070 The Fan:

“We just feel that (Turner) needs to put on a few more pounds, a little bit more bulk and continue to work on his game,” Nate McMillan said in June.

“He has learned over the last few years with the change in his game what is needed. And that’s to be a little bit stronger, put on a few more pounds. He’s been working hard in the weight room doing that.”

Will that lead to the Pacers having more Most Improved Player of the Year hardware come their way in 2019?

“I think he’s working really hard,” Kevin Pritchard says of Turner’s summer. “I think he’s going to have a great year. He has an opportunity,

“I’m hopeful. He’s a great kid and he’s working hard, but I want to see it, too. We know he’s a good player. I want that (weight work) to translate. You have to take it from the weight room and the workout room and put it into play. I think he will. I have a lot of confidence he will. But I want to see it, too.”

I for one hope that Myles has a breakout season and get’s that max contract from the Pacers.  Myles could also win Most Improved Player award that Victor Oladipo won this past season. It’s put up or shutup time!

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