Wow, Prayers to Gordon Hayward for a speedy recovery after that horrific ankle injury during the Cavs-Celtics season opener.  I was watching in the living room eating chips and salsa (while standing) and as soon as he fell and they zoomed in, I instantly dropped the salsa and chips all over the floor.  The only time I have ever done that was when Paul George had his broken leg and during that time, I was holding a glass of red wine.

Instantly, that sick feeling in your stomach when something like that happens and the camera mans zooms in to see the terrible injury.  I won’t post the actual picture of the injury on here but it’s something I wouldn’t mind not seeing again.

There was so much hope for the Celtics this season, going out and getting Hayward and Irving and have them battle the Cavs for the Eastern Conference title and in one play….that is all erased.  Sure the Celtics can still make it, but losing someone like Hayward will still be hard to compensate.


Prayers to Gordon Hayward for a speedy recovery.

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