Today started out a day that any Reds fan loves. A 9-0 lead in the 2nd inning at Wrigley Field.  As a Reds fan, I should have known that even a 9-0 lead isn’t safe, let alone the lead in Chicago.  As I sat there watching home run after home run after home run, it made me more frustrated with this Reds organization and where their future is.  They have traded away star players like Volquez, Cueto, Phillips, Chapman, Bruce, and Frazier, with NO return on investment.  This team blowing the lead was going to be the last straw for this Reds fan.  We have a General Manager who is always “asleep at the wheel” with Walt Jocketty and Bryan Price being a mediocre manager at best.  The time has come for Jocketty and Price to both be fired after several failed attempts to build this team.   After back to back playoff appearances and the absolute failure of a 2-0 series lead against the Giants, to only lose 3 straight games and end any chance of this Reds team to stay together.

Yes, the Reds did end up winning the game against the Cubs, but the pitching is terrible and the coaching is even worse.

Walt’s time has come and gone and needs to be replaced at seasons end.

Currently, the Reds are 51-71 and 13 games back from the lead in the Central and the only glimmer of hope this Reds team has their 2017 #2 pick overall Hunter Greene and youngers like Adam Duvall and Scooter Gennett and Zach Cozart (who likely will not be resigned or he will be traded).

I really want this team to compete and challenge for the division and NL Pennant, but this organization has no clue how to make moves to improve this team or build their farm system properly.


I really hope I don’t have to do this, but I can’t keep cheering for an organization where their management is asleep at the wheel and not willing to spend money to get better.


Consider this your warning.  Build this team back to the contender that it used to be Bob Castellini!

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