The season is one month away and the Colts are no closer at knowing if Andrew Luck will be ready when the season starts.  This is a lot of uncertainty for the Colts going into this season.  I have decided to go through and make my predictions for how I think the Colts will do this season.  I will be doing these picks with the thought that Luck WILL be ready to play in Week 1.


Week Date Opponent W/L  Record
1 Sunday, Sept. 10 at Los Angeles Rams W 1-0
2 Sunday, Sept. 17 vs. Arizona Cardinals L 1-1
3 Sunday, Sept. 24 vs. Cleveland Browns W 2-1
4 Sunday, Oct. 1 at Seattle Seahawks L 2-2
5 Sunday, Oct. 8 vs. San Francisco 49ers W 3-2
6 Monday, Oct. 16 at Tennessee Titans L 3-3
7 Sunday, Oct. 22 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars W 4-3
8 Sunday, Oct. 29 at Cincinnati Bengals L 4-4
9 Sunday, Nov. 5 at Houston Texans L 4-5
10 Sunday, Nov. 12 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers L 4-6
11 BYE —— —— ——
12 Sunday, Nov 26 vs. Tennessee Titans W 5-6
13 Sunday, Dec. 3 at Jacksonville Jaguars W 6-6
14 Sunday, Dec. 10 at Buffalo Bills W 7-6
15 Thursday, Dec. 14 vs. Denver Broncos L 7-7
16 Saturday, Dec. 23 at Baltimore Ravens L 7-8
17 Sunday, Dec. 31 vs. Houston Texans W 8-8

So I have the Colts going 8-8 this season with only a few games where I thought it could swing either way.  I do think they will contend for the AFC South title, but will fall short.  I have the Tennessee Titans winning the AFC South this season.

  1. Titans   9-7
  2. Texans  8-8
  3. Colts      8-8
  4. Jaguars  5-11

Let me know your thoughts and what you have the Colts going this year!   It’s football season people!

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