NBA free agency: Predictions for top free agent landing spots

NBA free agency will officially kick off at 12:01 a.m. Saturday. With several big names in the mix, the month of July is set up to be exciting and nerve-wracking for NBA teams, players and fans. I am here to predict where the top names at each position will end up. If you know me at all, I don’t make conservative choices. So get ready for some bold predictions.

Point Guard

Stephen Curry – Not going anywhere.

Kyle Lowry – The Raptors point guard had another great regular season, but continues to disappoint in the playoffs. The guy who can help him fix that….Gregg Popovich. Lowry will sign with the Spurs.

Jeff Teague – With Phil Jackson out of New York, Derrick Rose being a free agent, and rumors of Teague showing interest in the Knicks, I think it all comes together and Jeff Teague signs with the New York Knicks.

Shooting Guard

Dwayne Wade – Wade has started to show his age, and he wasn’t a solid fit in Chicago. I feel a reunion between D-Wade and LeBron. Wade will sign with the Cavaliers.

JJ Redick – One of the best shooters in the league, and a solid defender. Both of these skills are needed by the Indiana Pacers. If they are willing to spend the money, Redick will be a member of the Pacers.

Kyle Korver – Another deadly shooters. As a Pacers fan, I want to see him in Blue and Gold, although he won’t land there. Korver will end up with the Spurs, who could use the shooting help.

Small Forward

Kevin Durant – If Paul George leaves, I would love to see Indiana spend the money. One can dream. He isn’t going anywhere.

Gordon Hayward – Probably the biggest name on the market this year, many teams will be seeking his services. Boston seems determined to land either Hayward or Paul George, if not both. I have a feeling Gordon Hayward lands in Miami. Solid point guard play, they will re-sign Dion Waiters, and they have a great center in Hassan Whiteside. The Heat finished the season 30-11, and if they sign Hayward, they will be one of the top seeds in the East.

Danilo Gallinari – He is a big forward who can shoot from anywhere. There is a market for him and he should land a monster contract. Since the Celtics will lose out on Gordon Hayward, they will land Danilo Gallinari.

Power Forward

Blake Griffin – No more Lob City. But wait! Griffin and Jordan both stay with L.A. and they sign Derrick Rose to replace Chris Paul. Lob City still may be alive after all.

Paul Millsap – If the Houston cannot sign Paul George or Gordon Hayward, I think they target Paul Millsap. Houston just let go of several big men in exchange for Chris Paul, so there is a need. At the end of the day, Millsap joins CP3 and The Beard in Houston for a new “Super Team.”

Serge Ibaka – He will test the waters but will end up back in Toronto.


Nerlens Noel – The Mavs will make signing Noel a top priority this summer. He will stay in Dallas.

Mason Plumlee – With the Nuggets giving up Jusuf Nurkic to acquire him, it would be hard to imagine Denver not re-signing Plumlee.


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