Well folks…..the news that Pacers fans have been waiting to hear, happened this afternoon while everyone was celebrating Father’s Day.  Paul George let the Pacers organization know that when he becomes a free agent in 2018, he will not re-sign with the team.  Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the George will likely join the Lakers in 2018.

I wrote a similar blog back on July 6th, 2016 saying that Pacers needed to look at trading PG before he leaves and guess what……he’s leaving folks.  See the link below for the article last year.

Should the Pacers look to trade Paul George before Summer of 2018

So now Pritchard and the Pacers have a few choices.  A. (Win Now Mentality) and keep PG and see how far you can get next season and then let him walk.   B.  Find a trading partner who wants PG as a rental one year piece (teams looking to win now and hope that he will win the title with them and then stay).  The Lakers are in the driver’s seat here because with George’s commitment to join the team, they don’t have to worry about losing assets to obtain Paul.  The only way the Lakers may have to go after him quicker would be if the Cavs or someone wanted a one year rental PG for a title run and hope to woo him into staying long-term.


I have fought with myself on the outlook of this team without PG and how he said a few days ago that he “wanted to win a championship with Indiana” at his charity softball game and then two days later telling the organization that you were leaving.  Some Pacers fans are going to be pissed (including myself) but maybe it’s the best thing to get him out of here. I have several Paul George jerseys and I am still deciding if I am having  Jersey burning party once he is officially gone.  The Pacers are left with no choice really but trade Paul George, because if they don’t George is going to get booed out of the building nightly until his contract is up.

Buckle in Pacers fans….the first shoe just dropped in the Pacers offseason.   Be sure to follow me on Twitter @brandonreef and @crossrdssports.

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