Ready for a bold prediction……… The Cavs WILL go back to back and win their 2nd championship and 4th NBA Title for LeBron James.  Lebron is entering his 8th straight NBA Finals appearance which is an incredible performance from any NBA player ever.

I think it will be tough for Cleveland to win especially since the Warriors got better with adding Kevin Durant, but this NBA Finals…I will once again cheer for LeBron James and hope his wins his 4th title. Yes, the Warriors are a tough team to cover and anyone can lead them in scoring, but will adding KD to the team propel them over the top again ? Is there enough basketballs to pass around for everyone on that team ?  We are only 1 day away from finding out.

This is great that the same teams are playing for the rubber match series and we haven’t seen anything like this in the NBA before.  The NBA nowadays is a lot different than it was back in the 00’s or even the 90’s.  You have to believe that LeBron is playing his best basketball ever and probably has at least 3 more peak years left in him before the decline.

LeBron is a man on a mission this year by proving all the media wrong that he was left off the NBA MVP ballot (which is a joke).  Lebron averaged 26.4 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 8.7 APG this season and those stats were even better with 32.5 PPG, 8.0 PG, 7.0 APG this postseason.  The Cavs have rolled through the playoffs this year (12-1) and haven’t been matched besides a first round matchup against the Pacers. The Cavs and Warriors split their regular season matchups this year.  The Warriors (12-0) have had a easy route themselves and the two juggernauts are just over 24 hours away from colliding.

NBA Finals Matchups
Cleveland Advantage Golden State
X Point Guard
Shooting Guard X
X Small Forward
Power Forward X
X Center
6th Man X
Bench X


Ok… I know I am going to catch hell from a group of people, but I would take Kyrie Irving any day over Steph Curry.  Yes Curry is a amazing shooter and scorer, but Kyrie has the shooting and overall scoring as well AND can play defense which was shown last year when Kyrie exposed Steph Curry in the NBA Finals.  I give Klay Thompson the advantage at SG due to his scoring ability and defense skill unlike JR Smith who now can hit a few threes but is mainly relied on for his defense.  The Cavs get the advantage at SF because of one word…….LeBron.  At PF, Warriors get the advanage with Draymon Green who can score, rebound and is the attitude of Golden State, BUT Kevin Love is a close 2nd.  T.Thompson is the preferred Center and Warriors have the better 6th man and bench than Cleveland.


Sit back and enjoy the NBA Finals and should be a great series once again!


PREDICTION : LeBron and Cavs win their 2nd straight NBA Championship.

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