Pacers fans, take note of the name Terrance Ferguson.  Terrance is quickly moving up the draft boards, and in several mock drafts is projected to go to the Pacers at #18 in this June’s NBA Draft. 

Ferguson is a 6’7’’ 186 pound shooting guard out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He committed to Arizona to play for Sean Miller, but backed out to spend a year overseas before declaring for the NBA Draft.  At the young age of 19, Ferguson ranks 15th out of the top 100 players.

The Pacers are a team looking to add a shooting guard and starter to the roster and Ferguson would give the Pacers youth and shooting that they could build up.  Am I saying that Ferguson would come in and be an instant starter? No. But with time and experience he could be the shooting guard of the future for Indiana.  If the value for Jeff Teague is too much for Indiana to re-sign, the Pacers have the luxury to move Lance to the point position where he is most comfortable and look to trade Ellis or have him start the games and have Ferguson grow under him with Glenn Robinson III.  There is a spot for Ferguson if the Pacers draft him, and I believe he would flourish with a Myles Turner and Paul George.  That is, if Ferguson makes it to the 18th pick.  Portland is another team that is looking to add a shooting guard and could land Ferguson at #15 in the draft.

On paper, Ferguson hasn’t been an incredibly impactful player thus far, which was to be expected to some extent for those familiar with him. He’s averaging 6.3 rebounds in 18 minutes per game, shooting 45% for 2, 39% for 3 and 58% from the free throw line, while generating very few assists, rebounds, steals, blocks or free throw attempts. The film tells somewhat of a different story, though, as he’s very clearly carved out an important role.

Offensively, Ferguson is mostly a spot-up shooter, which has always been his strong point, and will almost certainly continue to be his role at the NBA level as well. What’s impressive is how mature of a team player he’s been so far, as he rarely tries to do things outside of his comfort zone, and has been a very willing ball-mover looking to make the extra pass.

Ferguson throws down a massive dunk during the Slam Dunk Contest in Australia

Ferguson has had some occasional flashes demonstrating his explosiveness attacking defenders in a straight line, but is a very rudimentary ball-handler at this stage, even in the open floor due to his high and loose dribble. He looks a long way off from being able to operate out of ball screens like most high-end NBA shooting guards can, looking uncomfortable handling pressure in the half-court. He doesn’t have the skill-set or feel for the game to consistently use his athleticism the way you might hope, as indicated by his paltry free throw attempt rate (2.2 per-40 minutes), but most of his turnovers have come off trying to make unselfish plays for teammates, as opposed to forcing the issue looking for points. Ferguson’s jump-shot is the basis of his game, and that has translated nicely so far, as evidenced by his 39% 3-point percentage. He elevates high off the ground, has a quick release point, is always on balance, and shoots it virtually the same every time, even with a hand in his face. He’ll likely be able to make shots at a NBA level very early on in his career, especially from the corners, where he’s extremely effective.

Defensively, Ferguson has been somewhat of a mixed bag, which is not particularly surprising considering he’s an 18-year old going up against grown men. His narrow frame has been a hindrance in terms of being able to get over screens, wall off penetration, and avoid getting pushed around inside the paint, but to his credit, he’s played with a high level of competitiveness, which has helped mitigate those issues to a certain extent. Source: ©DraftExpress

Terrance Ferguson is a young two guard who could bring the excitement that Pacers fans have been looking for in the shooting guard position and I am liking him more and more each day I watch highlight videos.  He is moving up everyone’s draft board and hopefully Indiana sees the potential that he can give them.

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