Larry Bird will be stepping down from his role as President of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers, and Kevin Pritchard will take over basketball operations.


YES YES YES! What a joyous day for Pacers fans. It is about time this clown got out of the front office. We all know why he is a bad leader for this team, as seen in a recent post. Finally, this team can return to glory.

Rumors are already starting to spread that the Orlando Magic may have interest in bringing in Larry Bird. Go right ahead and take him! He can reunite with Frank Vogel and continue to be a disaster. Larry simply doesn’t know how to build a team in today’s NBA.

The off-season will surely be exciting now. The big questions is, does this mean Paul George is gone? We know Larry did not want to go through a rebuild, so maybe he has the inside track on the PG situation and left before everything turned into a dumpster fire.

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