Larry Bird’s time of getting a free pass needs to end. For far too long he has been getting away with mediocre drafts and free agency signings. He has been able to get away with all of this because he is a legendary player from Indiana. For years, he has been getting the benefit of the doubt, and it needs to end today. Just because you were a great player, doesn’t mean you can be average in running an organization. I don’t understand why Pacers fans aren’t more upset by the lack of performance from this man.

It baffles me that Larry Bird thought Nate McMillan was a good choice to be the head coach for the Indiana Pacers. What the hell has this guy done is his career?! He is nothing but a mediocre mess. What does he bring to the table that Frank Vogel didn’t? I hated the hire from the start, and I hate it even more now. This was a disastrous choice by Larry Bird, and nobody seemed to care.

I also think Bird and his team doesn’t have an eye for talent when it comes to the NBA Draft. Yes, they scored big with Paul George, but have struck out year after year. Hell, half the time the Pacers don’t even have a first round pick because they gave it away for something stupid. Trading for George Hill was awful, and even though we made the Kawhi pick for San Antonio, don’t you think if the Pacers had better scouts they would have realized the type of talent this guy had and taken him for our team? Why pass that up, regardless of who is already on the roster. The Pacers have also passed up many players that have become stars in the league (Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler, Isaiah Thomas, and many more). If the Pacers staff had decent scouts don’t you think the team would have jumped on these guys? I just can’t believe this team keeps drafting so-so players. I am tired of getting the Joe Young’s and Solomon Hill’s of the world. This blame also goes to Larry Bird.

Finally, Larry Bird has done nothing to improve his team through free agency. Get ready Pacers fans, because Paul George will be gone. The signing of Al Jefferson and others is simply not enough. First, Larry Bird decided he wanted to play Wild Wild West with teams like the Golden State Warriors and score 120 points a game, and then he builds a team that can’t do that. Then, once he decides this team can’t play that way, he complains because they can’t play defense. This guy can’t flip flop philosophies left and right like it is nothing. Once again, Larry Bird is to blame. He cannot build a team in today’s NBA.

Is anybody else ready to see Larry Bird leave this organization? I think it is time for him to go, as he is starting to ruin the franchise. He will lose Paul George in 2018, because he is clueless on what to do.

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