The Seattle Seahawks are currently shopping Richard Sherman. Although the cost is likely high, this is a move the Colts should seriously consider.

It is no secret that the Colts secondary has been a liability for Indianapolis for a number of years. In 2016, the Colts ranked 27th in passing defense, allowing 65% of passes to be completed against them. They were also nearly dead last in interceptions, with only 8 last season. 2015 was not much different, as they ranked 24th in passing defense.

A weak secondary, to go along with no pass rush, has crippled the Colts defense over the past several years, which has allowed the Houston Texans to take the AFC South title the last two seasons. Needless to say, Richard Sherman would be a welcomed option for the Indianapolis Colts.

Richard Sherman has been an incredible player with Seattle over the past six years. He has established himself as a ‘shut down’ corner, and has allowed only 12 touchdowns against him in his career. On top of that, he has allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete only 48% of passes when targeting him. In addition, Sherman has recorded 30 interceptions, 92 passes defended, over 330 tackles, and 5 forced fumbles.

The flip side of getting Sherman would be a couple of things. 1) It appears the Colts would like to target a young corner, so adding a veteran player like Sherman may not be appealing and 2) It is going to cost a lot.

Although the price tag is high, there is no question that Richard Sherman would make an immediate impact for the Indianapolis Colts. Other than Vontae Davis, this team has no legitimate option at cornerback. Also, with his proven ability to shut down wide receivers, it will allow the Colts more time to rush the passer. The Colts definitely have the assets to make this type of move so the only question is, why not?

To summarize, here is why the Colts should acquire Richard Sherman:

  1. The Colts cornerbacks suck.
  2. He is a proven player who will affect other parts of the defense.
  3. Sherman is reliable, and doesn’t miss games.
  4. The Colts cornerbacks suck.

If the Colts truly want to change their identity on defense, it starts with a player like Richard Sherman.




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