It is officially ‘Miller Time’ for Indiana basketball. 

If you were not one of the thousands constantly refreshing your Twitter feed, or watching a live stream of Archie Miller’s press conference, here are the nuts and bolts of Archie’s first words as Indiana’s basketball coach.

After the announcement of Miller’s hiring a couple of days ago, I was unsure what my stance was on the hire. Obviously, it was not the big splash most Indiana fans thought was coming. But after hearing what Archie had to say in his first appearance, I think I am going to like the direction this team moves in.

In his opening statement, Archie said “This is why you want to be at Indiana University right here, if you’re a basketball person.” He was referring to the incredible atmosphere that he stepped into, and it was only a press conference. I can’t wait to see the look on his face for the first home game.

Archie has already met with the team, expressing that although he “didn’t recruit them…they’re my players.” He expressed that investing time with the players and their families is important in their development and success.

Miller will take an “inside-out” approach to recruiting. He knows that recruiting must start in the state of Indiana, and he acknowledged that Indiana is loaded with tremendous high school players, coaches and programs. Miller will target the  best players in the state.

He also addressed his staff, saying that their goal is to assemble the best coaching staff in college basketball.

What impressed me the most about Archie, was his discussion on style of play. “Always on the run offensively” is how he described his offense. It will be full of pace, player movement, attacking and aggressiveness. On defense, the team will “have to become a tough nasty team.” These are encouraging words after seeing the horrid defenses that Tom Crean put together.

Overall, I believe the Indiana Hoosiers will see the most success they have in quite some time. Fans are going to see a team that is tenacious on defense and attacking on offense. We will see less turnovers, and more players from the state of Indiana. And most importantly, everybody will get to see a team that succeeds in March and beyond.

My prediction: Indiana returns to a consistent Sweet 16 contender, and will make deep runs in the NCAA Tournament.


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