Listen, I will make this short and sweet. Indiana basketball does not need an ‘Indiana’ guy to succeed. If Indiana really wants to get back to becoming a national power, they need to have a coach that can make an impact recruiting nationally. If you look at college basketball’s biggest powers (Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, and more) you will notice that the bulk of their stars are not local kids, but rather top recruits from other parts of the country.

Yes, getting the best players from your state is important, but lets not make it the only criteria for the position, but having 13 scholarship players from Indiana will not get IU back to the Final Four. It is time for Dan Dakich and others to get with the times and realize to be the best, you have to recruit the best. This will mean getting out of state players.

Hey, if you want to remain mediocre for the rest of time, then get all of the local players you can. But to win national championships, it will require a recruiting effort much stronger than that. It will require a recruiting effort that Steve Alford, Dane Fife and any other ‘Indiana’ guy can’t handle.


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