Yesterday, Indiana University put the “Madness” in March Madness by firing Tom Crean  as the first games of the 2017 NCAA Tournament were about to tip off. Clever move by IU, as they shifted  social media away from the games and onto themselves. Immediately, rumors and opinions were thrown out on who should replace Crean as IU’s next head coach.

Although my counterpart at Crossroads Sports (Brandon Reef) put out a column yesterday on some very realistic targets for IU, I wanted to put together my own list of candidates that IU should pursue. Fred Glass made it perfectly clear, that he is ready to win, and win now. He wants somebody established, and a coach who can recruit. In my opinion, he wants to make a monumental splash. For this reason, I am immediately dismissing the following coaches: Greg Marshall, Steve Alford, Archie Miller, Chris Mack, Dane Fife, among others that I could also add.

To return Indiana to the true glory days, here are a few coaches that IU should seriously look at. Not happy with Tom Crean Indiana donors? Well, it is time to open up your checkbooks then.

John Calipari, Kentucky

Yes, you  probably hate him. But guess what? He is the cream of the crop when it comes to recruiting. Want Indiana players to stay in Indiana? This guy can make it happen. Of course, he is the king of one and done players, but this means he can develop amazing talent in a very short amount of time. He has taken three different schools to a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, he has been to four Final Fours with Kentucky, and has also taken UMASS and Memphis to the Final Four. And yes, he has even won the National Championship. I know, he coaches for Kentucky. But who freaking cares?! This guy is top notch and would deliver for IU.

Sean Miller, Arizona

Probably the best recruiter on the West Coast. He can also coach, as he has taken Xavier to multiple Sweet 16 and Elite Eight appearances, and has also done the same for Arizona. His current team is a Final Four contender. Isn’t that was Fred Glass is looking for? Forget Archie, this is the Miller you want.

Mark Few, Gonzaga

Speaking of West Coast, this guy knows how to dominate out there. A #1 seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament, Few consistently brings in talent from all over the world to keep his teams relevant. They are consistently a tournament team, and even Final Four contenders every few years. With the resources that Indiana could provide, Mark Few would make it happen.

Chris Holtmann, Butler

Okay, so he is not the big name like the other guys above, but he will be as he is one of the best coaches in the game right now. To me, he seems to be a duplicate of Brad Stevens, as he took the reins of the Butler program and has them right back in the national spotlight. Holtmann beat IU earlier in the year, and also beat #1 Villanova twice this year. Yes, this guy is good. IU couldn’t get Brad Stevens before he left for the Boston Celtics, so maybe they can land the upcoming Butler coach this time around?

Okay Fred Glass, you said you would listen to anybody willing to talk you about the program, so there is my input. If you want Final Four appearances, you gotta go big, or go home.



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