Last night I went behind enemy lines to cover the Indiana- Northwestern basketball game at Assembly Hall.  It would be only the third time I’d be in Bloomington and the first time at Assembly Hall.  Being a Purdue fan, I felt like the villain.  I walked up to the front ticket window and picked up my credentials and headed on into the “belly of the beast !”


When you first walk into Assembly Hall, the first thing I noticed was the new design of the South lobby and the rich history and tradition of Indiana Basketball.  It was nice to see interactive guides for fans to review former players, coaches, and teams of Indiana.  It was touch screen and the ease to work at your own pace watching it was neat.  As I walked down the stairs towards the media room, I was met by very nice ushers and security officer who showed me the way.  Walking into the media rooms, it was a big room with a very nice podium.  


I then walked through the tunnel out to the arena floor.  I instantly had memories of watching IU play with my father on tv and thinking of Bob Knight storming that sideline, Watford beating Kentucky at the buzzer and all.  Assembly Hall is a great venue for a game ( it was a mile of stairs though to our press table) and has rich tradition and history which is great to see (even if I am a Purdue fan).  It was a good game to watch, and a game winner.  Overall, I survived a evening in Assembly Hall and was a cool place, clean, and friendly people.  I suggest everyone go and at least see one game there.  Well done Indiana University with your venue.      Boiler Up still though ! 🙂

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