Last night was my first of hopefully many nights working as media for a sporting event.  I was at the Purdue/Northwestern game with Reef’s Take media credentials.  I was nervous and excited
to cover the game from a different aspect than just a “fan”.  When I arrived at Mackey, there was credentials waiting for me there for pickup and I with my computer bag entered Mackey Arena.   Walking through Mackey arena tunnels and below ground, I was nervous, didn’t want to make a mistake.  I confidently entered towards the court and made a right and entered the Media Working room.  In there I was met with dozens of reporters from around the United States including : Chicago Tribune, USA Today, New York Times, Indy Star, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.  I went around while I was in there and started my prep work and prepared to cover the game.  I don’t know if I had that “new” look, but I had several reporters from other areas come introduce themselves to me and said that if I need anything to let them know.  A sigh of relief,  I have others on my side !

When I walked into the arena, the next step was to find out where I was sitting and the confusion of which table was mine.  After about 5 minutes of looking at each table for my name plate, I found “Reef’s Take” place marker located at dead center court just above the television cameras.  On each side of me I had Northwestern Radio and also Chicago Tribune.


The game was fun to watch and cover and how fast paced note taking and live tweeting the event last night.  I started at halftime writing this article and prepared for the 2nd half after downing 3 more bottles of water !   Throughout the 2nd half of note taking and live tweeting and talking Chicago sports with their columnist,  I packed up at the end of the game and made my way to the press conference.  First the players from Purdue talked and answered questions. Then Chris Collins, Northwestern’s coach came in and answered as well.  I saved my question for Purdue coach Matt Painter.

After 10 minutes, Painter emerged from the back and started answering questions.  Towards the end, I raised my hand and grab the microphone and my heart started beating a thousand times a minute !   I was so nervous but you have to start somewhere and this is my somewhere.  I asked Matt “You had 17 assists on 24 made field goals, what do you attribute to that success”.  There I asked it, a question, any question.  Matt gave me a 1:30 answer and treated me like the rest of the media.  After that Matt answered one more and left the room.

I finished up a few things and packed up and walked out of Mackey Arena.  My first media coverage of a sporting event was complete.  It was successful and fun !  I am looking forward to more to come.  The next two events I have are the Purdue – Michigan St game and then the Purdue- Indiana game, both at West Lafayette !

It was fun, eye opening, learning experience that I really enjoyed and and wait to happen more often.  This little blog is starting to make strides into bigger and better things !


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