For the first time ever, the NCAA will provide an in-season sneak peek of its men’s basketball tournament bracket. On Saturday, February 11, the selection committee will announce its top 16 seeds for the 2017 tournament on CBS.

The selection process has been criticized for years, as there never seems to be a clear cut resume to make the tournament, which inevitably leads to a long rant by Dick Vitale on ESPN detailing who got snubbed from the big dance. ESPN’s College Football Playoff rankings show has been increasing in popularity, which has enticed the NCAA to experiment with this concept.

It seems the buzz on social media is divided, but I think this is a great idea. This will give teams and coaches transparency on what the selection committee is thinking in mid-February in terms of seeding, and allows teams to adjust their play for the remainder of their schedule. The women’s selection has been doing this for a few years now, so leave it to the men’s committee to be a slow adopter for this concept.

As you start thinking about who may be the cinderella team for this year’s March Madness run, let me give you a glimpse of what teams will make up the top four seeds. Take a look at my top 4 seeds.

No. 1 Seeds


No. 2 Seeds

North Carolina

No. 3 Seeds

Florida State

No. 4 Seeds

West Virginia


Who do you think are deserving of No. 1 seeds? Let me know on Twitter @ReefsTakeCory, or email your choices to

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