5 Days from the AFC Championship game between the Steelers and Patriots, we all should be talking about how much a great game it is going to be and the berth for one of these two storied franchises
to another Super Bowl.  Instead, what is grabbing the headlines is WR Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live video that he posted on Sunday night after the win against Kansas City.

I’m not going to go through everything that was in the video and what was said….you can go out on the internet and find that video yourself (or the Antonio Brown facebook page).  What I am going to talk about (with myself being a resident Steelers fan) is that 100% should be put towards preparation against New England and not towards all the drama in the locker room and what was violated and all.

When you play New England, especially in New England…..you have to put 110 % focus on doing your job.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are beasts of the AFC and every year the road to the Super Bowl is likely to go through Foxboro.  This is why all the focus should be centered on making it to the 9th Super Bowl appearance instead of things like Joey Porter getting in a fight outside of a club, or Antonio Brown exposing the locker room and coach Tomlin’s speech.  It’s very evident that Antonio has a lot of growing up to do and not even paying attention to Coach’s speech is alarming.  Brown is expected to receive a large multi-year deal this off-season, but you have to believe that things like this is going to make the team second guess just a little if and how much they want to give to Brown.  Tomlin did make a great statement saying ” Brown has to learn from this.  He works extremely hard, he’s extremely talented and those things get minimized with incidents like this.”

I think Coach Tomlin did a good job today in his press conference cutting it off immediately and getting his statement out there and keeping the discipline in house with Antonio and state we are moving on to New England.  Yes, obviously the NFL will fine Antonio for his violation of policy but don’t expect much more.

Pittsburgh hasn’t won in Foxboro since 2008 when Steelers won the Super Bowl, but that was with Matt Cassel at QB (Brady tore ACL Week 1).  Pittsburgh has to minimize errors, convert key third downs, get in the end zone on most of their drives to be successful against Patriots.  If the corner-backs and pass rush can shut down Brady and this offense can click and get into the end zone….these Steelers will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  It wont be easy…..it may be extremely difficult…….but it’s possible.     Let’s focus on New England and the business trip….not the extracurriculars.


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