As the NFL Playoffs are suppose to be in full swing, the NFL is making noise by announcing that the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles for next season. San Diego management has had it’s fans in limbo over a year now and owner Dean Spano has given the city of San Diego several pleas to build a new stadium for the team if they want to keep them. Since the millionaire isn’t happy, he’s packing up his ball (or team) and heading elsewhere.

So when I read the news that San Diego is leaving, a few things popped into my head. #1  All the Chargers fans in San Diego who have watched them all their life and all of a sudden just leave, all the merchandise that will be burned, the guy who egg the headquarters, and instead of getting their own billion dollar stadium, they now have a roommate with the LA Rams in their stadium in 2 years.  You have to imagine the Rams are pretty pissed off that now they have to share a stadium with the Chargers when they thought they would have the spotlight to themselves.

LA goes from not having any teams for years to having a team who is terrible to now having two teams who will likely have bad years again.  The Chargers brass embarrassed themselves on Thursday when they released an “updated” logo three times in 24 hours.  They went from a LA Dodgers looking logo to the same logo only different colors to a more traditional Los Angeles Chargers logo.  (That was tough to actually write that team name out !!)  How is Phillip Rivers going to get all 8 of his kids to LA and get them in LA schools ?!?

Overall I am not a fan of them leaving San Diego and even more not likely they are going to LA where another team already is.  It will be weird seeing Chargers play in a 30,000 MLS stadium for 2 years until they get into the new stadium but should be interesting to see 14,000 fans “cheering their team”.  I’ll say it for all the San Diego residents…..”I hope you choke on your stadium and your money Mr. Spano”


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