Jim Irsay should have a easy decision to make and needs to hire a GM and coach that can take the Colts back to where they believe in NFL’s tier.

Matt Patricia, the evil Patriots defense coordinator is the perfect candidate that Irsay should go after to improve that defense and also someone who can hold players accountable for their mistakes. Chuck Pagano is nice , but nice in the NFL will only get you so far.

Patricia runs a defense that’s notably in the top 10 in defense and yards allowed.  Irsay needs to go out and get Patricia before another team jumps in a steals him away.  Will it likely happen,  No because Irsay has his thoughts on New England and the type of guy he wants but the type HE wants isn’t what the city and team needs.

Do the Colts organization and fans a favor and go after Patricia. You will thank me in 2 years !

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