Indianapolis has hosted some of the largest sporting events in the recent years and has set center stage for the Super Bowl.  One thing that Indy hasn’t hosted or gotten to showcase is a college football bowl game. We have hosted a B1G Championship game since 2011, but no NCAA bowl game ?  Why one may ask……we have the history of hosting Final Fours and a Super Bowl.  We have everything a college football fan can love….close proximity to downtown, great places to eat, plenty of hotel rooms and a city looking for business in late December and early January….so what gives ?  A catchy “Hoosier Tire Bowl” (playing the hoosier tire sponsor and nickname of the state), “Crossroads of America Bowl” are a few that I like.

I sought out the question to some people in the know here in Indianapolis and my source has the answer and the reason why isn’t something you would think.

Due to the Indianapolis Colts agreement with Lucas Oil Stadium, the agreement requires the stadium be held the last Saturday and Sunday of the regular season each year.  It goes on and states it requires the 3 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) immediately following the regular season be held until they are eliminated from playoff contention.

As to if there is a chance in the near future for that to change……..the agreement between the Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium doesn’t expire until 2038.

Unfortunately folks, it looks as if a bowl game here in Indianapolis is out of the question unless the perfect scenario would play out of the Colts bowing out of the playoff contention early and a natural disaster somewhere that they would have to move the bowl game (but sponsorship and marketing would be rough).

It would be nice, but not likely.  We will have to settle with watching the bowl games on TV.


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