The 2016 MLB Postseason playoffs are set.  This is one of my favorite times of the year with the playoffs starting and great games nightly.  The Orioles and Blue Jays get it started tomorrow night and Giants-Mets start the NL wildcard on Wednesday night.   Is this the year of the Cubs ????   If not this year, when ? I’d like to see the Cubs finally break the curse and win the championship. A perfect World Series would be the Cubs-Red Sox World Series matchup.


Here are my predictions for the MLB Playoffs

AL Wildcard – Orioles beat Blue Jays

NL Wildcard – Giants beat Mets

AL Divisional –   Rangers beat Orioles,  Red Sox beat Indians

NL Divisional – Cubs beat Giants, Nationals beat Dodgers

ALCS – Red Sox beat Rangers

NLCS- Cubs beat Nationals

World Series Prediction : Cubs win in 6.

Break the curse !

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