Tiger Woods broke the news on Wednesday on his website www.tigerwoods.com , stating that “he hopes to return in October and play in 3 events.”  This isn’t a confirmation that he WILL return, but the future looks bright as the most star studded golfer returns to golf.

Tiger stated that “My rehabilitation is to the point where I’m comfortable making plans, but I still have work to do.”

The question now is…….what do we expect from Tiger ??  what expectations does the media have for Tiger’s return ?   I believe that a Tiger return is great for golf and golf fans around the world.  Watching him compete with Speith, Day, Mickelson, McIlroy will be fun to watch, but how competitive will Tiger be ?  I don’t believe that he will be in contention to win but a top 30 performance would be a stepping stone for Tiger.  If  he can build on that and compete in December and early January, he has a good chance to be one to watch for the first major “The Masters”.

Do I believe Tiger will win again ??….   Yes.    Do I think Tiger will win another major ??…… Possibly, but not likely.  I am just happy to see him make strides and get back on the course.  With his Nike line coming to a end, it will also be intersting to see what clubs Tiger will go with.

I am looking forward to October 13th to hopefully see Tiger play in his first event in over 18 months.

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