Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials have to be licking their chops this weekend with the news that Jeff Gordon will be replacing Dale Jr. in the 88 car for the next two races.

Gordon being a 5 time champion of the Brickyard and just retiring last fall returning to the race that he loves.  Well, IMS will still need a miracle to get attendance to the race as in previous years.  Yes, with the news of Gordon coming back gained strong ticket sales in the past few days,  the Brickyard has always been a tough draw for fans and this record heat this weekend will not help.   This also is the farewell tour for Tony Stewart who is retiring at the end of the season.  This will not help gain butts in the seats either for IMS.

I’ve been to many Brickyard 400’s in the past and have seen some great races, but in the past 5 years or so its been merely follow the leader for 160 laps.   Goodyear had the tire fiasco one year where over 3/4 of race was ran on yellow flag laps.

IMS officials need to come up with something to get people to come see NASCAR in Indianapolis.  I do love that they come here every year, but its a shame to see a speedway such as Indianapolis not filled up for a premiere race such as the Brickyard 400.  I think that NASCAR needs to take the Xfinity race on Saturday and move that back to Indianapolis Raceway park for a short track Saturday night.   This was alot of fun and I and I’m sure many have enjoyed it at IRP.

No, the Brickyard 400 will never live up to the Indy 500 hype, but NASCAR and IMS officials need to go back to the drawing board whether it’s promotions, racing setups, things around the city driven around NASCAR and inject some NASCAR blood into the life of Indianapolis.

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