With the Indian Pacers signing Aaron Brooks yesterday, the Indiana Pacers are likely done rounding out their roster and I don’t think they will tweak anything soon.   Do I think the Pacers are done ……Yes.    Do I think Larry Bird could make a move still that improves the team…..Yes.   It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Larry look to improve the team via trade.

I do like this Pacers roster and will be great to see how this team gels together.  Below is the breakdown for the Pacers going into the 2016-17 roster.

PG : Teague, Brooks, Young

SG: Ellis, Stuckey, Robinson III

SF: George, Miles, Evans, Niang

PF : T. Young, Allen, Christmas, Whittington

C: Turner, Jefferson

I am definitely looking forward to the season this year and see how the team can compete with the rest of the Eastern Conference.

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