The Indiana Pacers will have themselves a dilemma two summers from now when Paul George can use his player option to either stay another season and earn $20.7 million dollars or opt out and become a unrestricted free agent.

The Pacers will have a similar decision (being a small market team like OKC) and maybe they need to look at trading and adding assets for Paul George if George wants to enter free agency.   OKC is currently doing so with star Russell Westbrook.  OKC will look to add valuable pieces for Westbrook instead of him walking after his contract and getting nothing in return.

It’s scary to think about, but there is a real possibility that Paul George isn’t here going into the 2018-19 season.  With today’s NBA having star players leaving and going the large markets/ joining other superstars, Paul George could bolt Indianapolis for the likes of Lakers or Clippers or another contender.

Let’s enjoy the two seasons we do have left at least with Paul George and then let’s see what happens.  Pacers could throw the house and money at PG and lock him in long term, but with today’s salaries no one is wanting to sign long term with any team.  I personally hope PG stays in Indiana but in the back of my mind……there is that chance.

Picture via @indystar
Picture via @indystar

Whats all of your thoughts ?


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