Well….the wait is over,  Kevin Durant has decided to join the Golden State Warriors.   Durant will sign a 2 year deal worth $54 million dollars with the 2nd year as a player option.

The Super Team Warriors just got stronger.  I hate this move by Durant.  Durant decided that the motto “If you cant beat them, join them” which is disgusting.  The man is chasing a title and was the main guy in OKC.  Now he is just a piece in a team that was already proven.

Any title that Durant wins with Golden State will be tarnished since he left OKC who was 1 quarter away from the NBA Finals to join the team that he couldn’t beat.   I personally hope the Warriors implode and Durant just becomes the role player.  I love hearing Stephen A. Smith saying that it’s a weak move by Durant.  Durant jumps on the bandwagon.  The difference between Lebron and Durant was that Lebron join Miami who only had 1 star and still had to have another person join the team for the Big 3.  GSW already have their big 3 and now insert Durant.  Lebron was also not joining a team that just knocked out his team in the playoffs like Durant is doing.

Do i see him staying with Warriors, no…i still think he ends up with Boston in a couple years.

The real question is…..what does Oklahoma City do now ?!?

Well…..let’s see what happens…can the new season start already ?!?

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