Not only is tomorrow a great American holiday with the 4 F’s ( friends, family, food and fireworks) but also fireworks for either the Thunder or Warriors when they find out where Kevin Durant has decided to play next year.

Durant fielded meetings all weekend in the Hamptons and late Sunday night ESPN’s Chris Broussard said that Durant will make his decision tomorrow and will likely be between the Warriors and the Thunder.  Where is the best fit for Durant ?

I personally feel that he should and will stay with the Thunder.  He can continue to play with Westbrook and now Oladipo.  The Thunder were on the brink of the NBA Finals leading 3-1 over the Warriors and I just don’t see Durant letting the fans and the city of Oklahoma City down and moving on…….at least for one more year.   I’m predicting Durant to sign a 1 year deal with option for 2nd year with the Thunder.  I think he will also see what Westbrook does after next year and if he bolts, the Durant will opt out and leave after next season.  I see this as a trial and wanted to see what it was all about.

Prediction : Durant stay with OKC and signs a 1 year deal with a player option for year 2.

Happy 4th of July and let’s see where he goes !

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