NBA Free Agency has started and is all sorts of craziness.  Money is being thrown out to anyone and everyone.  Below is some of the highlights of the first couple days in free agency and my take of each signing.

Nicolas Batum (Hornets) 5 yrs $120 million –  Oh Boy, Charlotte way overpaid for a average NBA player.  That is the type of money to pay someone who draws fans to the arena and sells seats.  Batum is not that person.

Hassan Whiteside (Heat) 4 yrs $90 million – Good to see Miami keep Whiteside.  Much needed if things fall apart with D Wade.

Joakim Noah (Knicks) 4 yrs $70 million – There’s James Dolan for ya, overpaying for a guy who only played 1/4 of the season last year due to injury. (Also with trade for Derrick Rose…another injury prone player)

Dwight Howard (Atlanta) 3 yrs $70.5 million – The cancer has moved on to another team.  Good news for ATL, Dwight doesn’t stay long at one place and will want to leave in 3 years.

Luol Deng (Lakers) 4 yrs $72 million – It’s very obvious that Deng is looking for the $$$$$ instead of a championship.  Only reason he would leave Miami (possible contender) to the artist formerly known as the “Lakers”.

Joe Johnson (Jazz) 2 yrs $22 million – See Luol Deng above.

Solomon Hill (Pelicans)  Pacers had their chance last year to take the team option, instead Solo went out and got paid.  Well done Solo.  We had a good couple season with you.

Al Jefferson (Pacers) 3 yrs $30 million – Yes the Pacers are not getting the old scoring power threat of Jefferson, but this addition is great for the team for having a big man and also would be a go-to scorer on the 2nd unit when its time to slow the pace down.  Great pick up Larry.

Eric Gordon (Rockets) 4 yrs $53 million – EG was linked to several teams including the Pacers…for the money he got and those knees……I’m glad Indiana stayed away.

Al Horford (Celtics)  4 yrs $113 million – I called this one.  This was the place that Al needed to go to.  Under Brad Stevens and a young developing team, the Celtics will be in top 4 in Eastern Conference for years to come.  Now if the Horford signing will sway Kevin Durant !?

Timothy Mosgov (Lakers) 4 yrs $64 million – Lakers trying to make a splash at 12:01 am and instead a WTF.

It’s only been 2 days in Free Agency….let the madness continue.






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