On last Thursday afternoon while getting ready to tee off for the 2016 Beth Cup at Cog Hill Country Club, I received an alert that the Pacers have traded their #20 pick for Thaddeus Young.

I LOVE THIS TRADE.  Myself and my 3 friends riding up were talking about what a good addition Young would be if the Pacers got him and it actually happened.  I was even more happy after seeing what happened in the draft.  The main targets that the Pacers were looking at already were gone when it came to #20 so no loss there.   Thaddeus brings 15.1 PPG and 9.0 rebounds per game. The Pacers were needing someone who can bang and work inside the post with Myles Turner and they did well addressing that ahead of the free agency period.  Last year was the best year for Young who has been in the league for 8 years.

I do like the 50th pick George Niang out of Iowa State.  George is a great addition who can play low post and can also shoot the outside shot.  It will be interesting to see his development with the Pacers in the coming years.

It’s great to see the Pacers getting off to a good start this off-season when normally they are silent.  Free agency is about to start and trading soon as well.  I don’t think the Pacers are done yet and are still buyers this off season.  I expect either Stuckey or Ellis to possibly land in a different destination. Indiana will have around $20 million dollars to spend in free agency and they will have the option to resign Jordan Hill, Soloman Hill & Ian Mahinmi which I think Ian will be the only one coming back next year. Free agents like Chandler Parsons, Marvin Williams, Nicholas Batum are possible free agent targets Indiana are looking at.  I like all possible targets and the Pacers have mentioned that they want a stretch forward to spread the court and open it up for Thaddeus and Myles Turner.

The same day the Pacers, Hawks and Jazz made a trade, the Bulls have finally parted ways with Derrick Rose.  They traded him to the New York Knicks for  Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon Jerian Grant.   This is the Knicks way of trying to get their “Big 3” ouch, and their way of trying to sway Kevin Durant to join them in New York.  I think it was a win-win with both teams and a new change of scenery was needed for Rose and I think he will have a few decent season in New York.  The best part of the deal for the Knicks is that IF it doesn’t work out this year for Rose, he will become a free agent next off-season and both parties can go their separate ways.

July 7th is when trades can be official and free agents can actual sign contracts.  Anything before then is just agreed upon and not set in stone.

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