Hello everyone, It’s been awhile since my last blog, but it has been crazy busy at work and a low sports period besides the NBA snoozefest Finals.

I came across a article today that there was a rumor that Paul George and Kevin Durant were talking on the phone for hours today and was trying to persuade Kevin Durant to join PG, Ellis and Turner.   Apparently, Paul told reporters recently “Why wouldn’t I try to get him to Indiana ?”.
As much as I would love this idea and welcome KD to the Pacers,  I don’t really see a feasible way for the Pacers to contractully take in KD.  There would have to be a significant pay cut made by Durant to make this happen.   Yes, the  Pacers have the possible pieces to lure a star player here, BUT I honestly don’t see it happening.  Sorry Folks !   It’s fun to look into the scenarios and to be wishful but smart thinking is that the dream will go up in smoke.  Several Indianapolis people have actively recruited Kevin Durant on Twitter with #KevINDYrant hashtag.  Pat McAfee recently as well did his share of recruiting Durant.  He tweeted to Durant how it was to live as a professional athlete in Indianapolis.
Let’s all wish and also jump aboard the Kevin Durant recruiting trail !     Can’t hurt !


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