The basketball gods have blessed us again with another great match-up in the NBA Finals.  #1 seed Cleveland Cavaliers vs #1 seed Golden State Warriors.

This should be a great series and the first time since 2008 that both #1 seeds have made the finals to play each other.  What should we expect from this year’s match-up….a healthy Cavs team should be a big change in this year’s series.  
Lebron James will likely continue to be great and this year he will have the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love by his side to take on the splash brothers.   Last year’s finals, James averaged 35 PPG and the 2nd highest PPG on the team was Timothy Mosgov at 14 PPG.  He should see help from Love and Irving to average it out.  He was the first player ever to lead both teams in points per game (35.8), assists per game (8.8), and rebounds per game (13.3) . He has a 27.2 Game Score, a usage percentage of 43.3%, and an assist percentage of 53.1%. The King is put this young Cavaliers team on his back and carried them to a potential Finals upset. Sure, the Warriors came out on top, but LeBron’s ability to play at such a high level, and make those less talented players around him that much better, is otherworldly. If he can lead somehow lead Cleveland to a title in 2016, it will easily be his greatest Finals performance ever.
Then you have the 73 record setting win Warriors team who just went through 7 tough games against Oklahoma City.   With their back against the wall 3-1, Steph and the Warriors battled back to win Games 5,6, and 7 to advance.  Tough to do, but if anyone could do it….it was the Warriors.  
So ahead to the 2016 Finals……  I am taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to win and Lebron finally win one for the city of Cleveland.  You have to believe that the Cavs were sitting at home and watching the Western Conference Finals and getting tips and ways to slow down the Splash brothers.  If you look back to last year, WITHOUT Kyrie and K-Love,   Lebron had his Cavs up 2-1 with Game 4 in Cleveland, but Lebron was a one man show and couldn’t shell the load himself against the team ball of Golden State.  Let’s look at the phenomenon known as Lebron James. He’s been to the NBA Finals 6 straight years, with 2 NBA championships.  Yes he is 2-4 in career NBA Finals but for a player at that caliber to be at 6 straight Finals is amazing.  Even if he wins this years, there will still be doubters and complainers about him being below .500 in Finals appearances, but Lebron will finally win one for Believeland !.   
X-Factor : Channing Fyre will be a x-factor this year with his rebounding and stretching the floor with his 3 pointer.  Lebron will continue to be Lebron and lead the Cavs.  Kevin Love needs to live up to his $102 million dollar contract his series and I feel that he will. Kyrie needs to play better defense than offense for the Cavs to win.  JR Smith who is known for his shooting, has done better defensively this year and will likely be running around chasing Klay Thompson.    Game 1 starts Thursday June 2nd in Oracle Arena.  

Outlook :   Cavs win 2016 NBA Finals  (4-3)  The key for the Cavs is if they can steal either Game 1 or 2 in Golden State like last year.  If they can do this, they will have a better chance to claim the title with Lebron having his two sidekicks with him this year.

NBA FINALS MVP : Lebron James  (The King brings one home to Cleveland).

Let’s sit back and hopefully enjoy a great NBA Finals no matter the outcome ! 

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