Earlier today, Larry decided to part ways with Frank Vogel and take the Indiana Pacers in a different direction.  Personally, (as i mentioned in my last blog), Vogel should have stayed and the way and wording that Bird announced in the presser was not good.  Saying to the media that “Frank begged for his job” is something you just don’t say, even if it was true.  Larry didn’t even give Frank the decency to meet face to face to fight for his job.  After 5 1/2 years, 2 Conference Finals appearances, 1 Central Division title…..and you don’t even get a face to face meeting…….ouch.   This doesn’t surprise me though, remember the way Larry and Bob Kravitz last year handled the way David West not optioning went down.  Bob said David didn’t contact Larry, but Larry saying he did.    I feel the time has come for Larry to possibly look towards retirement.

Maybe Larry has his sights set on a coach that will take this Pacers team to the next level.  There are only a handful of prospects out there that could help this team.  My short list of coaches I like are :

1. Mark Jackson (highly unlikely)
2. Nate McMillan ( would know the players and what’s need, but too Defensive minded.
3. Randy Whitman (IU Alum and Bird loves Randy)
4. Brian Shaw  (former coach here and players liked and respectful Shaw)
5. Jeff Van Gundy (shot in the dark)
6. Jeff Hornacek  (apparent frontrunner)

Does Larry go with one of these guys or does he go with someone that we all least expect?

Thank you Frank Vogel for everything you have done in the past 5 1/2 years.  You made it fun in April and May again.  You brought swagger and toughne to this Pacers team that they were lacking. You finished the 2nd highest amount of wins as a Pacers head coach and a 31-30 playoff record.  Thank You Frank for all of your hardwork and dedication to this program and to the community.  He won’t be out of a job long I believe.

Your move now Larry.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Frank, Bird looks towards new direction”
  1. All I'm gonna say to all of this… as I'm sure you have discussed this over and over for the last 24 hrs…. BIRD BETTER NAIL THIS!

  2. All of those options are worthless. Combined, those coaches have a .497 Win/Loss %. Larry needs to be the one to start taking some blame. Currently, there is nobody available that can take this team past the point that Frank has. And, after Larry says good coaches are only around 3 years, why would anybody even want to come to Indiana! Larry is starting to destroy this franchise. Time go to Bird!

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