24 hours after the Pacers game 7 loss to Toronto, the topic on everyone’s mind is what is the status of Pacers coach Frank Vogel ?   Throughout the season with the last second losses and bad coaching decisions, I thought Frank had to go. Then while the season was winding down, I started to notice players taking plays off and just being flat out lazy.  As much as people think ( I myself at one time) Frank had to go……there isn’t any great coaching candidates out there who could do a better job than Vogel.  The hot ticketed coaches, Scott Brooks and Tom Thibideau have already been claimed and George Karl isn’t the right guy for the Pacers.  With the talent pool slim,  it is in the Pacers and also in Larry Bird’s best interest to resign Frank Vogel to a 2-3 year extension and see what we can do with the talent and style of play.  I believe a 2 year extension is right and let’s let him sink or swim.  A 2 yr contract would match him up with Paul George to opt out if things don’t go right over the next two years.    Give Frank a chance…or at least another year or two.    GO Pacers !

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One thought on “Like it or not, Vogel needs to stay…at least a year or two”
  1. I'm on the buss with a year probably two.. I think he's earned that. .. he was told what was gonna happen this year and I really don't know how many roster decisions he got to make… and produced more than admirably…. with that said the Jekel and Hyde of the team is very mysterious and he does have to shoulder some of that blame. The stubbornness to bring in a and leave that second unit out to long has to be on him.. (Bird has to be blamed for giving him the shitty unit) with all that said… I'm on bored for Vogel being tied to Paul and Paul likes him…. only people I'd even consider is Mark Jackson and or reggie…

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