Paul George scored 39 points 2 nights ago and it wasn’t enough as the Raptors beat the Pacers. The question is, where is Paul George’s help? PG carried the load and while resting on the bench, the subs gave up a 17 point lead. Here’s a thought that started lingering in my mind. What if, after a performance like he had and the performance the team had, what if Paul thinks he doesn’t have the correct pieces to get a championship. I’m not saying the Pacers are ready now, but what if doubt settles in George’s head. PG can opt out of his contract in 2 yrs. what if PG decides that what’s around him is not enough and Bird and Walsh don’t want to spend the money………..could we be seeing the last couple years of Paul George in Indiana before he bolts for a ring ? Food for thought. Leave your thoughts here.


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One thought on “Paul George and Company”
  1. I've been saying for awhile now that if we aren't careful… there is a gold and purple team on the west coast that would give him the keys right now! its bad and sad… yet at the same time… with that lead and sitting (maybe vogel does need to go) never been one to talk like that but that Lawson group has proven over and over again to run us out of the game… I liked the mighty joe young lineup way better (also pauls cousin) maybe something like that is gonna make him mad as well… with that said we def need more pieces… but also paul is always so great until the moment gets to big at times…. his idol KOBE would have never allowed us to lose that game Monday… period no if ands or buts…..

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